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At Robin Ludwig Design Inc. we pay close attention to color, image quality, readability, and overall layout. We want to produce reliable results that exceed our customer's expectations. For this reason we will often make recommendations for changes to design and/or request new artwork.

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Business Card Templates (Full Color Cards): Standard 2x3.5 | 1/4 Rounded Corner 2x3.5 | 1/8 Rounded Corner 2x3.5

Additional Sizing Information and Templates: Business Card Sizes

Foil Stamping Chart: Click here to see our foil color chart.

Thermography Color Combinations: Click here to see available raised print ink color combinations.

Thermography Paper Stock: Click here to see digital samples of our paper/card stock for raised printing.

Online Paper Colors: Paper stock images may vary slightly in color, brightness, and clarity from computer to computer. This is due to many variations of monitors, resolutions, and web browsers that can view these pages. Please let us know if you want a paper sample mailed.

Spot Colors: When choosing ink(s) for colored stocks, please remember that the paper color affects the color of the ink. Color is subjective, and many things affect the way we see color - the stock color, flat printing or thermography, size, weight, lighting conditions, ink coverage, etc.

Our thermograph powder is as clear as possible to avoid color clouding. However, LaserProof powder differs from regular powder, so there may be color variations between the two kinds of thermography.

CMYK Colors: All of our full color services are printed in CMYK color. Because CMYK is a more limited color gamut than RGB, some colors cannot be reproduced in CMYK. If you would like a digital CMYK chart to reference the colors you wish used on your design please ask for our PDF color chart when ordering.

The color examples at the left show the difference between the same colors in RGB and CMYK. On the CMYK color gamut sample, you can see that the royal blue color is much closer to the red tones on the slider. Even though the eye sees blue, a printer would print this with a more purple hue. To ensure rich blue tones we recommend adding some cyan or green to the color.

NOTE: Photography is not as sensitive as graphic elements (such as logos) or text and can appear to be printed with royal blue tones. This happens because photographs consist of thousands of different color pixels.

Color Matching: We try to match colors as closely as possible, but cannot guarantee exact color matching. Many variables can affect printing including the printer, paper, environment, ink, coating, etc. Blues are particularly sensitive to slight variations. Designs with solid colors can also show slight color variations between orders.

Image Resolution: If we request a higher resolution file or a larger image it is because the file sent is too small for us to use in our template. Ideally logos should be sent in vector PDF, AI (Illustrator) or EPS file format, all of which should be scalable to any size.

Photos should be sent in medium to high resolution. Images CANNOT simply be increased in size for better resolution, increasing the size of a small file will only make it more pixilated and blurry.

4-Color Printing: Offset/Process Printing prints 4 colors CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black) as miniature dots in precise closeness to each other. Almost any color can be created by the subtle overlapping of these 4 inks when printed. Unlike inkjet printers or color photocopiers, full color (CMYK) printing provides accurate, detailed, and brilliant representation of your advertising design. Look at any magazine cover for an example of 4-color process printing. Offset printing produces better results than digital printing which is used by many quick print shops.

4/0, 4/1 and 4/4: 4/0 means printing 4-color process on 1 side and white or blank on the other side. 4/1 means printing 4-color process on 1 side and grayscale on the other side. 4/4 means printing 4-color process on both sides.

UV Coating: UV (Ultraviolet Coating) is a clear liquid spread over the paper like ink and then cured instantly with ultraviolet light. UV coating gives more protection and sheen than either varnish or aqueous coating. Please keep in mind that UV coating cannot be written on. Our standard business cards and postcards are UV coated.

Gloss Lamination: Gloss lamination refers to a physical plastic film that is applied to the stock to provide UV protection, water resistance, and durability. Gloss lamination cannot be written on. For more information please visit our gloss laminated business card page.

AQ Coating: AQ coating (Aqueous Coating) is a water based finish that helps protect and coat your job as it's being printed. Our brochures are available with AQ coating on both sides.

door hanger die cutsDoor Hanger Die Cuts: Standard door hangers can be die cut with a standard one inch circular hole and diagonal slit to the top, starburst slits or an arched scored flap. Tear off and waterproof door hangers are available with the standard circle die cut only.

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