Imagine a brochure with unlimited text, pictures, pricing and more...

Now make it INTERACTIVE! That is what a website can do for your company! Your website is an online brochure with limitless possibilities.

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custom websites - getting started

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The first step in website creation is often purchasing a domain name. Once you are ready to start marketing your business we recommend clients purchase their domain name and obtain associated email accounts if desired. This can be done prior to starting your website to avoid delaying promotional design and printing. After your website has been designed and is ready to upload to the internet we will email instructions for redelegating the servers associated with your domain name at your registrar. Please note that we do not provide customer assistance with registrars for this redelegation. Any questions would need to be asked directly to the domain name registrar.

Don't know what to say? No problem! Writing the content for any business promotion can be daunting. A website even more so. Do not be concerned with filling your web pages with text. Focus on the keywords for your industry and write your content around them. Ask yourself, "What will someone search for when they need my service?". Make sure to mention how long you have been in business and where you do business. Create a list of services and/or products for your site. Add a special or some testimonials. Once you begin gathering your site content, you will be surprised at how quickly you can create the text for your website!

How large should it be? Websites should be designed to fit your needs as a business with focus on the information you want your website to convey. Choosing the number of website pages or links is as easy as looking at your content and evaluating how long you want each page to be. There is a balance to this process. A website with text that scrolls too far down a page will detract from a visitors experience and many people will miss important information in this text. A website that has a large layout with very little information on each page will look incomplete. When we design websites we try to find the balance in page length and in doing so can suggest additional pages as needed or the combining of web pages for a more finished look.

How do I order a website? We start with a home page proof based on your specifications, design preferences and content. Design preferences can include; colors, font (serif or sans-serif), layout, navigation design, etc. We will need the text for each page of the website, as well as, the company logo and any imagery which is to be incorporated into the header, footer, background and/or pages of the website before this mock-up can be started. If you have seen sites you like, please let us know what they are so we can use them to get a feel for your design style. The more you can tell us about your business and design preferences, the better we will be able to create a site to fit your unique business.

Once gathered, all of your content can be emailed for ordering. Text should be sent in electronic format for copying and pasting into your website. Be sure to include your link navigation and your business logo. After we have your website content we will email a custom quote based on your website needs. Upon payment we will email a home page proof in 5-7 business days.

Design and website management fees must be prepaid before websites are designed. Website design and management fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Please see our Payment Page for further information on our website payment policies.

View our portfolio for website design examples.

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