Imagine a brochure with unlimited text, pictures, pricing and more...

Now make it INTERACTIVE! That is what a website can do for your company! Your website is an online brochure with limitless possibilities.

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We design our websites keeping organic search engine results in mind. This means that we want the websites to appear as high as possible in search engine results without buying additional website marketing packages. We do this by emphasizing keywords and services of the business we are designing for.

These are some simple ways to help your website rank higher in organic search engine results:

• Have a good title for your website pages, particularly your home page

• Websites should be designed with Heading tags on services and products

• Images should have simple ALT tags which describe the image for accessibility and search engines

• Paragraph text should include several references to services offered and where they are offered.

• Adding meta tags to a website can be helpful, but they are no longer a major criteria in most search engines

• Flash is not searchable, therefore Flash animation usage should be limited

• Do not start your website with an entrance page, these pages usually have limited text for search engines

• Registering a website with search engines can help, but does not guarantee higher results

• Name website pages with full words (ex. use stationery.html instead of stat.html)

• Use text for links instead of buttons or roll over images

• Make sure there are no missing or broken links on your website

• Links to and from your website from other websites will increase the number of times your site is searched

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