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At Robin Ludwig Design Inc. we specialize in providing superior graphic design services utilizing professional equipment and software. This is not a hobby for us, but rather a full time design business which strives to meet our client's needs and specifications on time and at reasonable rates. We provide a combination of professional design, personal service, and affordable prices that cannot be found elsewhere.

There is no need to schedule graphic design projects ahead of time, we fill fit your graphic design work into our schedule. Graphic design proofing is done within 5 business days for most projects.

All of our graphic design work is based on our clients specifications. The description of the artwork needed can be provided in text, sketch or drawing. We can also recreate existing graphics in a more usable and cleaned up format.

Simple graphics, graphs, charts and logos can be created and saved in eps file format (vector format). Eps files are scalable to any size, can be created with transparent backgrounds for use on dark colors, and can be edited with the appropriate software. In addition to eps, we save can the final art in two more common graphic formats: jpg and png.

For more complex designs (i.e. print design) we provide the files as flattened, non-editable jpg and png files. In some cases PDF files can also be provided.

Whenever possible graphics are designed utilizing Pantone colors and all of our designs are created with CMYK compatibility in mind. We want you to be able to rely on consistent color from your design regardless of use.

To get started just email the specifications for your logo design or project. All designs are evaluated before work begins for time and cost estimate. Graphic design is a non-refundable service, that must be prepaid before work begins.

View our portfolio to see examples of some of our graphic design work.

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